Can’t Cook, I Can Help . . . St. Louis Style Pizza

Around the United States there are many distinct places to go for a pizza.Β  A couple obvious ones that come to mind are Chicago deep-dish pizza, and New York’s doughy, deep, foldable pizza.Β  But a new one I most recently tried and would like to share is St. Louis style pizza.

So you might be asking, what is St. Louis style pizza?Β  It is an extremely thin-crust pizza, so much so, that the crust is almost like a cracker base.Β  But its main difference is the different types of cheeses involved, a radical blend that takes mozzarella almost completely out of the recipe.

For today’s edition I thought I would introduce how to make a St. Louis style pizza as something to change up your pizza diet. However, be warned, though St. Louis style pizza has a fun, unique taste that is quite a bit out of the ordinary, it is a taste that might not go over well in a crowd full of Midwesterners or East Coasters who love their style of pizza.

(There was not much that I could find sharing information of this style of pizza here at eatdrinkbetter.com, but Kelli Best-Oliver did have a nice piece on meatless pizza, that included insights from a St. Louis restaurant owner)

To make a St. Louis style pizza, you start with an almost flat-bread type of base, ultra thin being the best description I can think of.Β  Amazingly, this crust is usually produced yeast less, thus proving just how thin the result will be.

Then add your tomato sauce spread evenly through out.Β  I usually go with a bland sauce, something that would usually be considered good for spaghetti.Β  But if you really want to be authentic to St. Louis, I suggest a more spicy, Cajun style of sauce more typical of the city’s Mississippi River-New Orleans connection.

Now for the true St. Louis ingredient:Β  Provel Cheese.Β  Provel cheese is a distinct mixture of three of my favorites, white cheddar, swiss cheese and provolone.Β  When I make this, I usually throw in some mozzarella just for a little extra taste, but most authentic St. Louis style pizza is without this staple.

Then all you have left is topping/toppings of choice, a short oven cook, and to serve and eat.

Stayed turned for some great suggestions on places to try out cooked versions of this in St. Louis itself.

Good Luck and Good Eating!

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  1. Brady

    Good call on showcasing St. Louis style pizza! My wife and I had some at a place in downtown St. Louis during our honeymoon and they used a somewhat sweet tomato sauce, which worked nicely with the Provolone cheese. We tried to make our own after we got home, but overdid the sweetness in the sauce and it tasted a little like a donut covered in tomato sauce.

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