Cant Cook, I Can Help . . . Dinning Out in St. Louis, Missouri

Last week, I presented how to prepare St. Louis style pizza.Β  This week I present to you, the best places I can think of in St. Louis to go out and taste the real thing.

1) Imo’s Pizza.Β  Imo’s is probably the most well-known choice in St. Louis and rightfully so.Β  Imo’s has really branched out, providing plenty of locations throughout the city area, so wherever you are in city, there is never an Imo’s too far away.

Imo’s offers anything from 8 to 16 inch varieties with either St. Louis thin or think crust.Β  There specialty is the tangy provel cheese, which take great pride in.Β  This is the chain that real made the St. Louis style pizza craze what it is today.

2) Morgan Street Brewery.Β  Morgan Street is one of my favorite places to frequent when visiting the city.Β  Located in Laclede’s Landing, Morgan Street offers several Microbrews on tap, listed on the menu as “Appetizers”.Β  If you are there around Halloween time, try the Pumpkin Vienna.Β  I would rank it among the best beers I have ever had.

I would go with the classic pepperoni and sausage pizza here, as the menu says “it is generally associated with beer, and our beer makes it better.”Β  Here the provel mixture is not as potent, but still delicious.

For a side note, if you interested in bring home any of the Morgan Street Beers, just ask.Β  They offer take home glass jugs from the bar, sealed that last for about a week.Β  They are inexpensive and perfect for a nice quiet night at home or at your hotel room.

3) Ponticellos.Β  If a chain or a Microbrewery isn’t your fancy you may want to try a place like Ponticellos.Β  Here is wonderful small town feel restaurant, opened in 1954, that offers all sorts of choices as far as Italian food.

But here the pizza is terrific, offering whatever topping of choice and even a unique “white pizza” which features virgin olive oil and no tomato sauce.Β  Ponticello’s homemade pizza is renowned, and can be ordered either with Provel cheese or without.

If none of these places prove to be of your liking, there are plenty of other great options in the St. Louis city and surrounding area to sample St. Louis pizza.Β  But my last suggestion to try the city’s famous toasted ravioli as well.Β  This is just an outstanding appetizer, one that I wish I could purchase just about anywhere.

Good Luck and Good Eating!

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  1. Anne

    I was impressed that you put Ponticello’s on your list! A restaurant that I prefer over Ponticello’s is Pirrone’s Pizzeria. (Also located in North County.) They both have very similar pizza styles (old school St. Louis style), but Pirrone’s has better salads in my humble opinion.. Order a child-sized salad with cheese and house dressing and you’ll see what I mean. :)

    Out in St. Charles County, T. Arcobasso’s is another great Italian restaurant that is owned and operated by the daughter of the original Arcobasso’s owners that also started in the North County region. Excellent food that everyone in St. Louis should definitely try at least once!

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