Canning Eye Candy: 60 Pounds of Canned Tomatoes

sixty pounds of canned tomatoes

Do any of you read Food in Jars? It’s quickly become one of my new favorite food sites. Marisa McClellan is an expert canner, and the site features everything from elaborate recipes to lovely photos of…food in jars!

Yesterday, she posted the photo above, and it was too impressive not to share with you guys! We love canning around here, and with fall approaching fast time is running short for preserving the summer bounty.

So what’s in all of those jars? According to Marisa:

Nineteen quarts of whole peeled tomatoes (seven canned in their own juices in the pressure canner, twelve packed in water and processed in a boiling water canner). Four quarts of crushed tomatoes. Two pints of tomato sauce (the juice and some tomatoes leftover in the crushed tomato process). Seven pints of salsa (a recipe for the book). Missing from that picture are the nine half pints of tomato jam (recipe coming tomorrow) that didn’t make it out from the kitchen.

Tomato jam! How delicious does that sound? She posted the above on Monday, which means the tomato jam recipe should now. Head on over to Food in Jars to check it out!

Have you guys been doing anything to preserve some summery foods for winter? We’d love to hear your canning stories in the comments!

[Photo via Food in Jars. Used with permission.]

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