The Trouble with Tuna: Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

tuna video screenshot

Choosing seafood wisely goes beyond shopping at the fish counter. If you do the seafood thing, those cans of tuna have a big impact on our world’s oceans.

Our pals at Greenpeace shared this video, that hints at the hidden ins and outs of the tuna industry. Check it:

So what’s the big secret? By-catch (sometimes also called by-kill, since these accidentally snagged animals often don’t survive the experience).

It’s not easy to keep up with the growing demand for tuna while keeping prices low, and the industry’s solution has been to cast a wide net. Literally. According to Greenpeace:

Each year the canned tuna industry kills thousands of sharks, rays, turtles and seabirds. Now that’s a dirty little secret.

You can read more about the trouble with canned tuna and what you can do about it over at Greenpeace.

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