Can Urban Farming Save the World?

urban farming

The Urban Farming Guys are conducting an urban agriculture experiment in Kansas City with a powerful mission.

The group wants “to empower the globe with food freedom, alternate energy & sustainable community,” and they ditched their comfortable suburban lives to move into one of Kansas City’s worst neighborhoods to conduct an urban farming experiment.

The Urban Farming Guys put together a video explaining what they’re about:

They want to help people get access to healthy food and believe that urban farming can help improve health and reduce crime rates, and they’re experimenting with ways to do just that.

We talked recently about San Francisco’s urban agriculture bill, and it’s great to see other towns reaping the benefits of urban farming. Urban farming and community gardens are both great resources for fighting hunger and empowering people to improve their diets, especially in inner city areas where there’s often less access to fresh, healthy food.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways that you can help The Urban Farming Guys, either through donations, education, or volunteer work.

Do you think that urban farming can transform communities? You can also get involved with a community garden in your area! The American Community Gardening Association has a handy search function to help you find a community garden near you.

If there isn’t a community garden or urban farming operation in your area, the ACGA also offers resources to help people start a community garden!

Image Credit: Screenshot from video above.

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