Can a Film #StopMonsanto?

Monsanto #stopmonsanto

Many people far more knowledgeable than me have written about Monsanto on this site (here and here and here, for example). And even about the #StopMonsanto Film Project before. But, when my friend Lynn Hasselberger asked me to check out her recent post on Elephant Journal, I couldn’t help but post about it.

A hashtag on twitter for quite a while, #StopMonsanto is now a movie-in-the-making. Not a documentary, but a feature film … Fed up with Monsanto and how they’re treating farmers and consumers, Mariel Hemingway, Blythe Metz and others decided to make this scripted movie about it in an effort to expose—and stop—the transnational company.


Lynn is the founder of (“an eco-commerce company that has yet to break even”) writes the blogs I Count for myEARTH and Putting It Out There. She interviewed some of the folks behind the movie including the Executive Producer, Academy Award nominated actress, author, activist and health expert Mariel Hemingway, Blythe Meth, the host and producer of the popular online show Blythe Raw Live and the author of “The SuperNatural Green Diet” and Priscilla Woolworth, an eco warrior who runs the eco-friendly almanac and store

Read the post, watch the videos, support the movie’s kickstarter campaign and with any luck you too can help #StopMonsanto.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Home of Chaos

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