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We are each responsible for our own wellness. However, as anyone who has ever tried to get better from anything or improve themself in any way knows, a little friendly support, or even peer pressure, can help. It’s also helpful to have someone or a group of people going through the process with you. If your friends or family aren’t, though, where do you turn?

One good-looking option is Cafe Well. Cafe Well is a corporate wellness program that combines online social networking with health care. Basically, it connects you with other people who have the same health interests or needs.

Cafe Well covers specific food and drink topics, and can help you to meet your food/drink goals. However, it also includes what is basically the other half of the health coin — exercise. And it has features to help you learn about and diagnose specific health problems.

One example program from Cafe Wel is Race to the Moonl, which is sponsored by HealthAmerica and hosted by Cafe Well. In the program, participants are hooked up with wireless pedometers (meaning, they are given pedometers… not literally hooked up with them). Participants are rewarded through the program when they reach certain milestones and total steps.

When signing up at Cafe Well (as I just did), you can signify specific health problems you are trying to address and/or various topics you are interested in. I was actually happy to see “Alternative Medicine” as one of the options. You can join “Challenges,” “Groups,” and “Communities” once in the system. You can check out the latest health news. You can use a “Sympton Checker” or “Health Encyclopedia” (I’m thinking I might actually use these for some Eat Drink Better articles). And, of course, you can invite friends!

As with any health-oriented program, there’s a wealth of information and networking opportunities related specifically to food, nutrition, and diet. But this stuff is largely crowdsourced. Just jumping into the “Diet and Nutrition” discussion group in the “Healthy Living” community for a moment, I’m seeing posts on Emergen-C drinks (natural vitamin C drinks I grew up on to combat colds and give me energy for soccer games and practice), “Benefits Of Black Rice” (something we’ve actually covered a bit on Eat Drink Better), and “Real Food On The Go” — good stuff.

Anyway, worth a looksy.

And if you do check out the network and create an account (takes about 1 minutes), feel free to friend me! My username there is zshahan.

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