Buying Local vs Fair Trade

fair trade bananas

We talk a lot around here about voting with our wallets, and often the choice is easy. Do you buy the conventional corn, which is most likely genetically modified and covered in pesticides, or the organic corn at the farmer’s market? No contest, right? But what about when you’re faced with choosing between local and fair trade?

Of course, you’re not going to find fair trade corn at the grocery store, but you just might see other fair trade goods like bananas, coffee, chocolate, and tea. What’s an ethically-minded shopper to do? Really, it’s a win-win situation, so it boils down to your priorities, and this handy infographic, which we found on our sister site, Insteading, breaks down the options nicely. If it’s a little bit hard to read, you can click to see a full-sized version.

Local vs Fair Trade
Click to view the full-sized graphic.

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  1. Readers may also be interested that many years before Fairtrade existed, we imported almost 3 tonnes of instant coffee from Tanzania to the UK to help support manufacturing in the Third World. Last week BBC radio interviewed me about our ‘Campaign Coffee’, that helped to start the idea of ethically sourced coffee in Great Britain. The broadcast is now available on YouTube (4 minutes):

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