Bulletproof Coffee … It’s No Magic Bullet

Bulletproof Coffee … It’s No Magic Bullet

Bulletproof Coffee … It’s No Magic Bullet

If you haven’t yet tasted, let alone heard of Bulletproof coffee, let’s get you acquainted.

The concept is based on Dave Asprey’s interpretation of a popular drink of the Himalayas. In places like Tibet, it’s not uncommon to see people drinking tea with yak butter added to the brew. According to Asprey, it’s the addition of butter that provides extra energy and contributes to weight loss. But Tibetans might tell you that they add the butter because it actually provides extra calories and flavor to an otherwise bland cup of tea. There’s not much in the way of almond milk or stevia that close to the top of the world. Yak butter is probably a lot more like our obsession with Sriracha than it is used as “bulletproof”—the Tibetans put it on everything whether they should or not—because they can.

But it’s the butter (and coconut oil), Asprey says, that allows the body to burn energy more slowly (than say, adding 4 teaspoons of sugar to your brew), preventing the inevitable coffee crash most daily drinkers are familiar with.

So, Asprey took the yak butter tea idea from the Tibetans and gave it his own twist: coffee mixed with unsalted butter and coconut oil. You brew up a strong pot of (organic) coffee and then send it to the blender with the butter and coconut oil to blend it all up. The result? Oily coffee.

Food and health expert, “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham put Bulletproof to the test. Kilham has consumed traditional medicinal foods and beverages all around the world, so he’s a good gage on things like this. “I will not say that Bulletproof coffee is the worst beverage I have ever had,” he wrote on Fox News, “But I will say that only a fanatic would drink this stuff on a regular basis.”

Kilham goes on:

While I applaud human ingenuity, I must give my “Worst Idea Of The Year” award in the food and beverage category to Bulletproof coffee. Thankfully, this too shall pass. Today’s Bulletproof coffee craze is destined to be tomorrow’s what-were-we-thinking laughable beverage idea. By all means, try it, if just to get the curiosity out of your system. I’ll stick to a fragrant, well-made cup of joe, and a slice of buttered toast, thanks.

Like Kilham notes, enjoying buttered toast (or coconut oil on toast) right alongside a regular old cup of tasty coffee can provide you the same results Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee claims to provide. Asprey’s not wrong about consuming a good dose of healthy fats—they can sustain energy and even aid in weight loss. But you don’t have to ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee to do that.

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