Want To Help Our Broken Food System? Join Food Tank And The 30 Project

Let's Fight For Hungry Children

“There’s no doubt that the food system is broken. More than 1 billion people are obese, nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night, and at least 2 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.”

So begins the press release for a newly launched think tank founded to improve agricultural sustainability, help us get healthy, and eliminate hunger: Food Tank, The Food Think Tank. If you care about real food and farming and you’re looking for a solid 2013 resolution, I’m talking to YOU!

Food Tank’s founders, Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson, hope to spur the rest of us into action by providing well-informed research and establishing an active community of like-minded individuals who care about the same things they do. They plan to focus on agriculture, obesity, and hunger and to “highlight hope and success.” Their work is not just for the sake of the farmers and their fields (as fabulous and important as they are) — their goals focus on creating a world filled with healthy, well-fed people. And they understand the connections between those happy people and the companies and farms that produce the food we eat.

Food Tank has partnered with The 30 Project — another really interesting organization I didn’t know about until today. The 30 Project noticed that the degradation of our food system started about 30 years ago with the growth of big agriculture and the creation of new, cheap, easily accessible processed food. The result? Today’s global food crisis as demonstrated by the world’s 1 billion overweight and 1 billion hungry people. The 30 Project’s focus is on offering hope and initiating change: “By taking a 30-year look back we can see the trajectory of how we got to where we are now and, we believe, that if we can take a 30-year look forward, we can envision a global food system that provides healthy, affordable food for people around the world.”

How You Can Help

If you care about a healthy, global food system, you should connect with these groups and allow them to inspire you to action.

  1. Support Food Tank. Sign up for their newsletter to stay informed. Look at their data on agriculture, obesity, and hunger. Become a founding member.
  2. Support The 30 Project. Take a look at 30 frightening facts. Register for their alerts. Donate to their efforts.
  3. Share This Information! These two organizations provide some crazy good facts that should wake us all up. If you’re reading this, please post it on Facebook. Tweet it if you’ve got it. And e-mail to friends and family. Let’s help these organizations spread the word.

Thanks in advance to all who help. (Oh and did I mention… please spread the word!)

Image Credit: Feed My Starving Children (FSMC) via flickr/CC

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