Bring Back Food Education

Back in the day, food education was called home economics. At my school, we could choose between shop and home economics. Nearly all the girls chose home ec and nearly all the boys chose shop. As unbalanced as that is, 50% of us back then got out of school with a food education. We learned things like basic cooking skills, kitchen safety, and nutrition.

All these years later, I read statistics like โ€œ1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant dailyโ€ and I know that home economics is rarely taught anymore. Budget cuts are often to blame for less education in the schools, but food education is one of those things everyone will use every day of their lives. Our food choices impact our health, which will eventually impact our financial situation. Good food choices can increase productivity in the classroom and later on the job and can decrease expenditures on health care.

It’s past time to bring back home economics. Food education is too important. This infographic by Food Revolution Day shows more reasons and specifics.

Bring Back Food Education

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  1. So true. I grew up with terrible eating habits-little fast food but a lot of junk. While I was making baby food for my second child, I started learning about food. We now adhere largely to a real food diet. We eat veggies. Lots of them. We make yogurt. I think it’s important to make meals that the kids will eat but that are nutritious. Don’t hide veggies. I think it starts with babies. Food shouldn’t come from pouches-variety, seasoning, flavor. Start early and kids will eat anything

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