Breaking News: TN Governor Vetoes Ag-Gag Bill

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Following an outpouring of opposition from thousands of citizens, religious leaders, defenders of free speech and people working against animal cruelty, TN governor Bill Haslam just vetoed HB1191/SB1248 — aka ag-gag bill, aka anti-whistleblower bill, aka total BS legislation. Well done, Governor!

On why he decided to veto the controversial bill, TN’s Times Free Press reported:

Haslam, who has wrestled with the issue for days, cited last week’s legal opinion from Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper, who said the bill’s provisions are “constitutionally suspect” as regards the First Amendment.

The governor also voiced concerns that it repeals part of Tennessee’s “shield law,” which protects journalists’ ability to collect information.


It’s been a bad month for ag-gag foolishness, which is cause for much rejoicing in the land!

For more on why these laws are so dangerous, listen!

Developments this week in TN offer encouragement that sanity can still prevail – but as with any dark and stinky patch of legal ick, public awareness is the only path forward towards positive change.

Ag-gag laws must go: pass it on!

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News: TN Governor Vetoes Ag-Gag Bill”

  1. John L. Farthing

    What encouraging news! It turns out that voices of sanity can be heard and can make a difference in public policy. Those in the food industry who have a vested interest in abusive, inhumane, toxic practices are counting on our ignorance. That’s why they are trying so hard to limit access to information about what they are doing. The best antidote, of course, is an informed public. Kudos to EDB and Progressive Kitch for promoting for public awareness about the attempts of industrial agriculture to keep people in the dark about what goes into food we’re eating. Keep up the good work!

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