BPA Free Canned Tomatoes: A Reader Tip

Mama tomato and a baby tomato!

Have you been hunting for the elusive, BPA free canned tomato? Muir Glen announced over the summer that it was going to start using BPA free cans when it processed the new harvest, but the company also wasn’t planning to label the cans as BPA free. How frustrating!

Luckily Sara, a persistent and savvy reader, followed up with the folks at Muir Glen and got a very helpful bit of information (emphasis added):

β€œOne alternative has proven safe and viable in our processing of tomatoes – and Muir Glen has begun the transition to cans with liners that do not use BPA with this year’s tomato harvest. It is an approved non-epoxy alternative. Can coatings used by Muir Glen also comply fully with all applicable U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for safe use in food contact applications. The BPA free cans will have a Better If Used By code date year of 2013.”

Thank you so much for the sleuthing and for sharing this information, Sara!

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by dominic-hallau_de

  1. Emily

    Pomi makes boxed tomatoes that are BPA-free. Not organic, but they aren’t a dirty dozen, either. Pick your poison – BPA or pesticides.

  2. Jeff Frontz

    Other articles have suggested that while the Muir Glen BPA-free cans will have a 2013 best-by date, not all their cans with a 2013 date are necessarily free of BPA.

    Eden has just introduced a special glass jar for their tomato products.

    1. Becky Striepe

      Thanks, Jeff! I guess the BPA free canned tomato is still as elusive as ever. :( Do you have a link to an article that talks about this? I’d love to read the company’s full statement or peek at the sources!

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