Bottled Water Recall

Mountain Pure bottled water has been recalled due to mold contamination. The bottled water recall affects more than 23,000 bottles of water.

The recall was issued after the Arkansas Department of Health tested a sample and found biological contamination. The source of the contamination is a mold, but further testing will need to be run to determine the specific type of mold. So far, no one has reported illness from the bottled water.

The Mountain Pure bottled water had been ordered by the city of Clinton, Arkansas as part of disaster relief efforts.

Mountain Pure has recalled all lots with a Best By date of 2-27-2013 MPWA and 2-28-2013 MPWA. Time stamps on the affected bottles are from 2200 through 0400 (written in military time).

Anyone who might have purchased or received bottled water from this lot should either dispose of it or return it to the store where it was purchased.

Clinton, Arkansas began experiencing a water shortage after several days of rain two weeks ago clogged filters at the water treatment plant with sediment and debris. Residents of there are urged to boil their water before drinking it. Other bottled waters and other lots of Mountain Pure bottled water are not being recalled at this time and are also considered safe to drink.

Image by Mountain Pure.

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