Food Fact: The average American drinks 222 bottles of water annually.

food factBottled water consumption dipped by 1 percent in 2008 and 2.5 percent in 2009, but it increased by 3.6 percent in 2010, meaning Americans consumed around 8.75 billion gallons of bottled water total in 2010. That number grew by another 4.1 percent in 2011.

Americans are also drinking a lot more energy drinks and sports drinks, but soda is still America’s most popular drink. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation:

Carbonated soft drinks still stood as by far the biggest liquid refreshment beverage category, but they continued to lose both volume and market share. Volume slipped by 1.7% from 13.8 billion gallons in 2010 to 13.6 billion gallons in 2011, which lowered their market share from 47% to 46%. Nonetheless, certain soda trademarks, such as Dr Pepper and Coke Zero, did achieve growth. Moreover, carbonated soft drinks accounted for four of the 10 biggest beverage trademarks during 2011, with Coca–Cola and Pepsi–Cola retaining their usual first and second positions.

Do you drink bottled water? What about energy drinks, sports drinks, or soda?

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3 thoughts on “Food Fact: The average American drinks 222 bottles of water annually.”

  1. 1. If we drink a lot of bottled water the best we can do is filter our own water and store until used in reusable containers.
    2. 2nd best is if we drink commercially bottled water and save all of our empties and recycle them.
    3. The worst (and unfortunately most common) would be to drink from commercially prepared bottles and discard our empties.

    I have been a no 2 but am this week changing to a no. 1. We all need to encourage our respective senators and representatives to propose and or back legislation that mandates that all plastic packaging material be made from bio-degradable plastic that is made from corn or similar.
    Plus all plastic bottles made from non bio-degradable petroleum sources must have a return deposit set up. This way, if we do not care enough to return the bottle for our deposit various needy and homeless can collect these bottles and return them for the deposit. This will help the needy and clean up the environment.

  2. I drink filtered water over ice whenever I can. Then I drink a mix of iced teas sweetened with stevia (whenever possible )and bottle water mostly. If you do drink bottle water, please make a point to recycle. :)

    1. I too drink a lot of home made tea. I sweeten with Organic Sugar though, preferring to stay away from chemically created man made artifical sweetners. The sugar I used is cold pressed from sugar cane and evaporated – no burning of the fields to facilitate harvest or man made additives.

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