Book Review: The Homesteader’s Kitchen by Robin Burnside (plus vegan recipes!)

Here are some more highlights from The Homesteader’s Kitchen:

  • Refreshing, plant-based beverages like a Creamy Mango-Coconut smoothie and Hazelnut Hemp Mylk
  • Satisfying breakfasts – the Scrambled Tofu and Fresh Veggies is divine
  • Exotic soups like Sunshine Yam Soup with citrus and ginger (even the name makes me happy) and enticing sauces (I can’t wait to try the Chanterelle Gravy next summer)
  • Creative salads – the Kale and Sea Vegetable Salad with Sesame Citrus Dressing is a nutritional powerhouse
  • Fish, Poultry, and Meat Entrees, including delicious recipes for the grill
  • Nourishing vegetarian and vegan entrees (like the tempeh recipe above!)
  • Wholesome desserts like Date Nut Bars and Yam Candy

To purchase Robin Burnside’s book, check out Amazon or your local bookstore.

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Image and recipes courtesy of Gibbs Smith Publisher.

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