Book Review: Organic Manifesto (Part I)


Massive Chemical Experiment on Humans

Did you know that “more than 80,000 new chemical compounds have been introduced since World War II,” many of them being used on our country’s agriculture. Over 2.5 billion tons of these chemicals are used each year and only half of these chemical compounds have been even minimally tested. Furthermore, “at least 75% of the manufactured chemical compounds that have been tested are known to cause cancer and are toxic to the human brain.

When someone says to you that chemicals used in farming are safe, you have to wonder where such a claim could come from.

Agricultural Chemicals in Our Water

Two more staggering stand-alone facts from the book: “60 percent of the freshwater in the United States is used for agricultural purposes” and as a result of our heavy reliance on chemicals in farming, these agricultural chemicals “currently account for approximately two-thirds of all water pollution.”

Image Credit: 2-Dog-Farm via flickr/CC license

  1. Dana @ MFCK

    Thanks for your review here, Zachary.

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