“Bones” Star Emily Deschanel is Walk for Farm Animals’ New National Spokesperson (VIDEO)

emily deschanel and farm sanctuary team up

I love Farm Sanctuary — it’s one of my favorite organizations on the planet. It’s making the world a livable place for countless farm animals around the United States and Canada, and extending their lifespans as well.

Walk for Farm Animals, as the organization writes, is “a series of annual fundraising and outreach events that take place in cities across the United States and Canada.” It helps to get people involved and it raises funds for Farm Sanctuary’s tremendous and highly-needed work, saving animals lives and improving the conditions they live in.

More from Farm Sanctuary on this walk:

“When you walk, you give hope to billions of farm animals who are suffering right now on factory farms. Theย Walk for Farm Animalsย is a positive way to speak out on behalf of animals who cannot speak for themselves and to make a real difference in their lives.”

You can register to join a Walk for farm Animals event here. Currently, walks are being planned for 35 North American cities this Fall.

If you’re “too busy” to walk or have something else holding you back (e.g. you live in another country, like me), you can also join Farm Sanctuary’s “Sleep in for Farm Animals” Virtual March.

Anyway, the big news this week is that Emily Deschanel, star of the TV series “Bones,” is Walk for Animals’ national spokesperson this year. Here’s a message from Deschanel (from the set of Bones):

Important message. ย Love this line:ย โ€œFarm animals are just as interesting and intelligent as the dogs and cats who we know a bit better. Yet they are treated by the meat industry as though they are inanimate objects with no feelings or personalities.โ€

Get involved today by signing up for a real-world march or a virtual march.

Emily Deschanel photo at top by Lesley Marino via Farm Sanctuary


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