Blue Hill Introduces Savory Vegetable Yogurt

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Lucky for us!  A line of savory vegetable yogurts has just hit the market from the siblings behind Blue Hill restaurant in New York City and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester County, NY . 

It used to be that a reservation at the coveted Blue Hill restaurant in New York City or its rural outpost, Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester County, was the only way you could get a taste of the Barber siblings’ award winning farm-to-table fare. But no more. According to a blog interview on, David Barber, Co-Owner and President of Blue Hill, a new line of yogurt, in carrot, beet, tomato and soon-to-come butternut squash flavors joins a line of jams and specialty grain products sold by the sibling-run restaurants (Blue Hill Restaurant was awarded for the New Best Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation while Blue Hill at Stone Barns was recognized as one of the Top 40 Restaurants in the U.S. in 2008 by

The decision to launch a line of yogurts was a natural extension of Blue Hill Farm’s dairy operation since the farm was a working dairy from the 1860s through 1960s. The idea for savory yogurt flavors came from chef Dan Barber’s — David’s brother — who has been experimenting with making yogurt from the grass-fed cow milk from Blue Hill Farm for years. For example, Blue Hill’s current menu includes Apricot Pit Yogurt, Hazelnuts and Tomatoes. The new savory vegetable flavors allow them to source all their ingredients from local farmers they know in the Northeast.

While Barber acknowledges that there are challenges to creating a product that can be widely distributed, he can stand ‘fully behind every ingredient in the cup’:

Blue Hill Yogurt is “all grass, all the time”—it’s made only with milk from 100% grass-fed cows, from small, family-owned farms in the Northeast (including our own farm in the Berkshire Hills, so that every Blue Hill Yogurt has a bit of Blue Hill Farm in it).

In addition to enjoying the yogurts as stand alone snacks, Barber recommends them to be eaten just like sweet yogurts with mix-ins like nuts and dried fruit or as an ingredient in a shake. But what’s really fun is their savory potential. Barber suggests adding them to baked potatoes, in a soup or to a salad dressing. He adds: “The tomato yogurt as an ingredient in your list of taco toppings is really delicious.”

Blue Hill yogurts are currently available only in New York State from East Coast Whole Foods Markets.

Photo: Blue Hill Yogurt

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  1. It sounds and looks and tastes(in my head) delicious…. I am in Dallas and a huge foodie, used to cater and will watch your page and comments eagerly

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