Biodegradable Plastic Water Bottles? Yep.

New BioGreen water bottles are biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

It is getting hard to keep track of all the containers you should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking out of, let alone what happens to the stuff when it gets thrown away or recycled. While the latest claims about stainless steel water bottles being generally better for you than plastic ones (some more dubious than others) are generally spot-on, you can’t squeeze stainless, and sometimes, you just gotta squeeze.

Filling that niche is a new BioGreen water bottles made by California Springs Water Bottles.

BioGreen Bottles are made in the USA from low density poly ethylene (LDPE) plastic with an additive they call Bio-Batch that helps the bottles biodegrade in an active microbial environment which are present in landfills or compost facilities.

According to the company, the additive is completely organic, non-starch based and non-destructive to the environment. The final product left behind after the product biodegrades is humus and methane. The humus can be used as new soil to grow plants in and the methane may be harvested into fuel.

Degradable means the plastic is only broken down into smaller pieces and will never completely disappear; this is the case with starch based plastics. However this is not the case with the BioGreen bottles. Biodegradation is the secretion of acids which break down the molecular structure and emit either Methane Gas or CO2 and leave behind highly nitrous soil. The entire mass must be broken down into these three things to be considered biodegradable.

Don’t worry about these things starting to break down if you happen to have some warm orange juice in them. BioGreen Bottles do not begin biodegrading until they are placed into an active microbial environment such as landfills or compost piles. The bio-active compounds are activated in the presence of naturally occurring organisms found in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Finally, one nice touch on the BioGreen bottles is they have a nice soft mouth piece, making that bottle-opening move you do with your teeth a little easier on the pearly whites.

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3 thoughts on “Biodegradable Plastic Water Bottles? Yep.”

  1. Bottled water continues to be an issue, as we do such a poor job of recycling and the carbon footprint is often quite high. This looks to be an improvement, but doesn’t really address the core problem of our addiction to packaged water.

  2. Biodegradable plastic and packaging is a modern necessity for our ever-endangered environment.
    Now PLA has been used to line the indoors of Paper Cups in place of the oil based lining additional usually used, create Plastic Cups, Plates, Carrier Bags, Food Packaging and even Nappies.
    Eco Pure is our proprietary blend of organic materials that does not modify the base resin to which it is added.

    Thanks a lot for your information

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