Big Ag Group Launches Pro-Pesticide Campaign

Seriously? The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) is launching a campaign encouraging consumers to eat more fruits and veggies, regardless of pesticide content. The group is targeting the Environmental Working Group’s shopping guide, claiming that their Dirty Dozen list is causing Americans to eat fewer fruits and veggies.

Not surprisingly, Planet Green reports that the AFF is “an industry front group for more than 50 industrial farms, pesticide and fertilizer interests.”

I’m having flashbacks to a certain Sweet Surprise from the corn lobby.

The group is claiming that the Dirty Dozen list misleads consumers and isn’t based on sufficient evidence, and they’ve launched a website, Safe Fruits and Veggies, targeting the 12 sorts of produce that EWG says are the most pesticide-laden.

Nevermind that these toxic chemicals are killing the soil and that many have been found to be carcinogenic. Let’s undo years’ worth of consumer education, so that we can sell more pesticides and fertilizer!

Source: Planet Green

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by willfuller

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  1. Steve Savage

    Are you really interested in blogging accurately about pesticide issues or are you content to "simply replay the tape" from "fear industry" groups like EWG? Are you also willing to automatically dismiss something that comes from a farmer organization? Do you really know anything about them?
    I know both of you via this site and emails for some time so I know that you are thoughtful people. Are you open to any alternative view on this issue or are you willing to unquestionably support an organization whose fundraising depends on consumer fear?
    Steve Savage

  2. UrbanHydroponics

    Consumer Fear? lol. Open your eyes.

    I know plenty of farmers that use pesticides/herbicides that are considered "safe", but the farmer would NEVER feed these crops to his own family. That should tell you something right there.

    Not to mention the stories throughout many farming communities about mysterious deaths and illnesses that come out of no where. The surviving family members always refer back to pesticides/herbicide usage. They are no doctors/experts, thus, their opinion is just that, an opinion.

    Also, many farmers hire undocumented workers, so many stories like this go unnoticed.

    Give me some scientific research that documents consumption of foods with pesticide use on humans, studied for 5+ years. Brain scans, blood work, neurology test….etc. And if you can then prove that these chemicals have no harmful effect on the body (all done by an independent group) then you might have an argument.

    The truth is that this can never be done because there are just sooo many chemicals that are harmful out there, it would be impossible to have a control subject.

    But until then I rather play it SAFE and not be sorry.

    So its not called consumer fear Steve, its called common sense.

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