Best Fruits! Top 10 According to Readers

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Ok, here are your responses to the best fruits in the world!

I am quite surprised at some of the answers — a lot of exotic or unusual fruits.

1. Strawberries

strawberriesPhoto Credit: Pieter Musterd (busy) via flickr

2. Watermelon & Honeydew

watermelonPhoto Credit: Josh Liba via flickr

honeydewPhoto Credit: yomi955 via flickr

4. Mango

mangoPhoto Credit: papalars via flickr

5. Pineapple & Blueberries & Dewberries

pineapplePhoto Credit: *L*u*z*A* via flickr

blueberriesPhoto Credit: Martin LaBar (going on hiatus) via flickr

dewberriesPhoto Credit: sassy 40’s ~Signed-off! via flickr

8. Dragon Fruit & Sapote

dragon fruitPhoto Credit: Hopkinsii via flickr

SapotePhoto Credit: I likE plants! via flickr

10. Fuji Apples

fuji applesPhoto Credit: Simone Zucchelli via flickr

There are one or two on here I have to say I haven’t tried! And I worked in the produce section of healthfood stores for years. Have to search them out somewhere sometime.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Top Photo Credit: -Lori- via flickr

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10 thoughts on “Best Fruits! Top 10 According to Readers”

  1. I can’t believe DragonFruit made it! #7 no less! Now I want some and the farmers market probably doesn’t have it any more. Poo :-( At least there’s watermelon in the fridge!

  2. Well, I would happily eat any of the fruit on this list… and I would happily eat a LOT of it!! I agree on peaches – I would put them ahead of apples for sure. I don’t think I could narrow my favorites down to the top 10 though…
    Thanks for the interesting article! It’s fun to see what the general consensus was.

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