Best Farmers Market Fare! Top 3 According to Readers

Okay, here are the results from my poll of your favorite foods from the farmers market!

1. Local Honey and Fresh Fruit

Readers love honey for its health benefits.

Image courtesy of Svadilfari via a Creative Commons license.

Readers can’t get enough fruit from the farmers market, especially peaches and apples.

Image courtesy of Muy Yum via a Creative Commons license.

2. Tomatoes

Readers can’t stop gushing over summer’s heirloom tomatoes as well as bite-sized cherry and grape tomatoes.

Image courtesy of wendyness via a Creative Commons license.

3. Salad Greens

Readers love a good salad with homemade vinaigrette!

Image courtesy of jypsygen via a Creative Commons license.

Non-food Mentions:

In addition to food, readers noted that they like to pick up flowers at the farmers market, as well as girls. ;)

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