4 Awesome Benefits of Juicing

by John McIntyre

benefits of juicing

Juicing is taking the world by storm. There are countless books on juicing, juicing celebrities, and even juicing documentaries. One by one, people are getting addicted to juicing.


Well, people aren’t really getting addicted to juicing. That would be silly. No, people are getting addicted to feeling great. You know those days when wake up feeling incredible? Those days when you are bursting with energy, positivity and enthusiasm? That’s what juicing can do for you. It did it for me and it’s done it for thousands of people around the world. Let’s take a look at why juicing is so awesome.

1. Energy

When you juice fruits and vegetables, most of the digestive work is done. Think about it: the juicer “chews” the produce and turns it into fresh juice, minimizing the load on your digestive system. This means your energy will increase.

Some meals run you down; they deflate you and can leave you feeling used and abused, but not juicing. Your body digests fresh fruit and vegetable juice with minimal energy expenditure, meaning it gets to where it’s needed faster. Your liver, kidneys and blood love fresh juice for its powerful blast of nutrients.

2. Nutrition

The typical Western diet falls short of providing the nutrients we need. Our diets are often high in processed foods lacking in nutrients.

Cancer rates are at an all time high and heart disease is kills 2,500 Americans every day. If we want to avoid falling into the trap of disease, we need to consume more fruits and vegetables. Some organizations recommend consuming 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It can be hard to eat that many servings, but what if you drank them?

Super easy and simple, right? With juicing, it’s a piece of cake to get the nutrients you need. Always remember to eat some fruits and vegetables too as the body needs fiber. However, we can use juicing to make it easier to get what we need.

3. Healthy Blood

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice quickly passes through the stomach, through the liver, and into the blood. Your liver is responsible for removing toxins and waste matter from your blood. Too many toxins in your blood mean less energy, but the amazing nutrition from fresh juice enhances your liver’s function, which means you’ll have healthier blood and more energy.

4. The Environment

Growing fruits and vegetables has a much smaller ecological footprint than foods like meat and processed products. This is a major reason that some people stick to a vegan or vegetarian diet, and replacing one or two meals a week with juice can help reduce your diet’s carbon footprint in the same way. It’s also much cheaper than eating out or eating processed food. Living healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

As you can see, juicing is awesome. If you’re the healthy type, you need to try it!

About The Author: John runs a popular juicing website where you can learn more about the benefits of juicing and get a variety of free juicing recipes.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by joey.parsons

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