Ben & Jerry’s CyClone Dairy – Cloned Animal Products Are No Joke

“Old-fashioned dairy, the new-fashioned way!Β  CyClone is the first major dairy to raise a herd of clones and clone offspring.Β  You could say cloning is our passion – where we combine DNA with TLC.”

That is what Cyclone dairy says on their website’s mission page.

Thank goodness it’s not for real…not yet anyway.

Ben & Jerry’s launched this fictitious dairy company last month to bring attention to the frightening reality of meat and dairy from cloned animals entering the nations food supply.

In January of 2008 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared these safe for human consumption.Β  Without using a reliable national DNA-based tracking system for the cloned animals and their offspring, people and companies may not know where their food is coming from.

The Center for Food Safety now has an online action alert with a letter to forward to your Congressperson and Senators.

Take a stand today against this controversial issue.

Image credit: publicenergy on flickr creative commons.

4 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s CyClone Dairy – Cloned Animal Products Are No Joke”

  1. The above, is obviously an uninformed individual. If he knew what half the ingredients were in our food, he’d be scared to death to eat half of what the US does, or to give it to our kids for that matter. My husband has always been a meat eater and when I discussed some things with him, showed him what the ingredients mean etc. he’s changing up for a vegetarian diet. Such as pus in our dairy products (due to the high demand, farmers are giving cows hormones to mass produce dairy which causes infections- mastitis, and ends up in our milk)amounts which are illegal in other countries but ours allows it , collagen (gelatin) in many foods, and the amount of hormones in our dairy and meats. Even non-dairy creamer has dairy, and soy in it. Did you know you can ingest parasites from pork which can kill you? Google about brain worms and prepare to be disgusted. You might be the next statistic we read about, that ate at a restaurant and died. We are lied to by companies who are marketing products to get rich. Be informed, do some reading, and don’t call us tree huggers until you’ve done some research of your own. It’s not just about being humane to animals, it’s about the survival of our children. The idea of not knowing something is from a clone is very real and very scary.

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