Being a Conscious Carnivore, Eco-Moms and Nothing Short of Joy

GD Meg's daughter (and eco-mom) and lil green dude grandson

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As always, a show packed with great information and a lot of laughter between. Our guest Green Diva Co-Host, author Julie Bond Genovese, dubbed herself the Weenie Greenie in reference to her physical stature and her inspiring book about being a little person, Nothing Short of Joy.

Green Diva Correspondent Dr. Heather Eves, called in a great report about bicycle sharing in DC, and we had a special segment about being a conscious carnivore with the Global Meat Buyer from Whole Foods Markets, Theo Weening.

Our feature interview was with Kimberly Pinkson, co-founder of, a great website for all things natural, green and organic babies and kids! Kimberly shared some great tips for traveling with your kids this summer and how to keep them and the earth as healthy as possible.

As always,ย too much information – find a list of resources and links related to this info-packed show at the Green Divas website.

Hope you’ll listen to the show!

Listen to the show here!

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