BBQ Ideas for Vegans

Roasted Corn

The Main Meal

Large flat field mushrooms are excellent on the grill. Spread a little pesto, or olive or tomato tapenade, over them before grilling gill-side up. Or you can make your own garlic ‘butter’ with roasted garlic and margarine – simply spread this lightly over the mushrooms, adding more as they cook if necessary. Served the ‘mushroom burgers’ in warmed buns with rings of red onion and some fresh organic salad leaves.

New potatoes should be skewered and given a liberal brushing of olive oil with herbs (rosemary really shines here) before grilling, or you could bake a potato or sweet potato in foil in the smouldering coals for a side dish. Try alternating potato and vegan sausage on a kebab.

Stuff peppers or large, par-boiled onions with a cooked grain and your favourite mixture of cooked vegetables (try Mediterranean vegetables with basil and pine nuts) and grill until soft.

To grill sweetcorn, peel back the husks, remove the silk, then rub the corn with margarine and tie the husks back over the corn. Cook the corn around the outside of the grill for about 20 minutes. If you need it to cook quicker, try soaking it in cold water for thirty minutes beforehand, or blanch it in hot water.

Tofu well deserves its place on the vegan BBQ, too. Choose a good, firm, organic brand, and marinade it well (overnight is best!) before grilling.
Serve in rolls, or as a kebab with vegetables.

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