BBQ Ideas for Vegans

There’s no reason to overlook the delights of cooking outside if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, and there’s certainly no reason to stick to tried-and-tested vegetarian burgers and sausages, either.

Vegetable stand at a farmers market
Choosing to buy organic and locally-produced fruit and vegetables should ensure you get the very best for your grill and will help support local farmers. If you’re lucky enough to live near a farmer’s market or a local organic farmer, you should be able to pick up fantastically fresh, tasty, and good value seasonal fruit and vegetables. Always try to eat in season to ensure your food hasn’t been stored for longer than necessary. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients, are a lot tastier, and are better for the planet.

Grilling is a great way of cooking vegetables because it’s healthy, fun, and an activity all of the family can take part in. Be sure to serve plenty of fresh salads and some rolls alongside and enjoy a healthy, low-fat alfresco meal.

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