Bananas and Fair Trade? What You Can Do

Bananas are one of the the most popular fruits in the world, yet including bananas in your diet entails complicated and careful choices if you care about fair trade issues, such as the health and rights of  plantation workers. This is brought home in the new film “Big Boys Gone Bananas!*”, by Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten (thanks to our sister site Ecolocalizer). He tells the story of how the Dole Fruit Company tried very hard to stop the airing of his previous film Bananas!* in 2009.

Bananas!* is about the lawsuit that was brought by Nicaraguan plantation workers against Dole Fruit Company for exposing them to chemicals that resulted in their sterility. Gertten’s says his new film shows the lengths to which a large corporation is willing to go to silence the truth about its practices.  “Big Boys Gone Bananas!*” is due to have its North American premiere as part of the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival later in this January, but Gertten is facing a daunting challenge.

In order to show his film in the USA he is required to raise thousands of dollars to pay  for insurance protection for those who air his film.

You can help by contributing to the Kickstarter project for the film, and thereby send a message to corporations that you care about how your food is produced.

Featured image credit: Bananas in Hawaii, Creative Commons

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