Bake For Family Fun Month

The folks at the Home Baking Association have dubbed February Bake For Family Fun Month. Here’s a video to get you started.


If the thought of cooking with your kids for the fun of it isn’t enough incentive, think about the fact that cooking with your kids is not only fun but its also educational. According to the folks at King Arthur Flour, baking instills “important life skills like math, reading, problem-solving and patience.” I hadn’t thought of it but it does, doesn’t it?

The Home Baking Association’s mission of “growing the practice of home baking” makes a lot of sense in these lean times:

The fact is more meals are being prepared at home, and this organization is at the forefront

in sharing our tools and knowledge to not only current bakers, but future generations as well.

The HBA web site has lots of other good resources for home bakers including bake sale information, recipes and more recipesfood science resources and lots more.


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