Back to Earth Organic Catering

Back to Earth Organic Catering is an awesome option for those of you that inhabit the Bay Area, and an excellent case study for city caterers looking to go local and organic. They are an admirable example of what every eco event planner is looking for. Back to Earth’s ultimate evolving vision is to“build the most ecologically advanced, energy efficient, consciously designed, sustainable community center in the Bay Area. Motivated entirely by a single, unifying principal – minimize our footprint on the Earth while maximizing our potential experience as people.” The founding plan is to build this community center, with an organic restaurant at its heart, to provide people in the Bay Area with an exciting, progressive, inspiring place to gather. .

For now as an organic caterer, Back to Earth is thriving and they love what they do. So why work with them? Because by working with them “your event makes a difference, and takes a purposeful step towards repairing our beautiful world.” Their commitment is to the Earth, and their “work is filled with love, integrity, and a deeply rooted passion to leave the world in even better shape than when we found it.”

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