Baby’s First Foods: Making Avocado Baby Food

baby's first foods: avocado

Starting your baby on solid food can seem a little daunting, especially if you’re planning to make your baby’s first foods at home. It doesn’t have to be!

We are starting my son – Darrol Henry – on solid foods, and it’s been such a fun adventure that I’ve been documenting our baby’s first foods over here. You can check out how we started making our four-month-old homemade baby food right here, and check out my tips for plastic free baby food storage here.

One caveat here: four months is a little early to start on solids, and we only did so on the advice of our pediatrician because our son was overeating and spitting up so much. He was actually three and a half months when we started, which is very, very young for solids. Most doctors will say that you should start babies on solids at around six months unless you have extenuating circumstances.

Darrol Henry has been eating solids for a full month now. Since he was so early starting on the solid foods, we have been taking things slowly. We started him out on sweet potatoes for a couple of weeks, and then I introduced a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of ground ginger, one week at a time.

baby's first food sweet potato face
Hey there, sweet potato face!

He’s been eating like gangbusters for the past week or so, so I decided it was time to change things up with his second solid food: avocado!

Baby’s First Foods

I’ve been using the site Wholesome Baby Food to find recipes for out baby’s first foods. Our pediatrician recommended it, and it’s been a huge help! They have a page of first foods for babies, and I’ve been picking and choosing from there.

We started on avocado yesterday, and it was even easier to make than the sweet potato! Since avocados are so soft, you don’t even need a blender. Just a fork will do the trick. I don’t know how Darrol’s going to react to avocado, so to start I just used 1/4 of an avocado, and I’ll just make more as needed, since it takes only a couple of minutes to do.

Avocado Baby Food Recipe

This is the avocado baby food that worked for us. You can add more water or skip the water, depending on what texture your baby seems to prefer.


  • 1/4 Haas avocado
  • 1 teaspoon water


Mash, mash, mash until you get the avocado nice and smooth. I’ve been kind of neurotic about even tiny lumps in Darrol Henry’s food, so after all of that mashing I will give it one more go with the fork, just to be super thorough.

Are any of you guys making your own baby food? What were your baby’s first foods?

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