Avoiding Jail Time while Urban Gardening

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Community rules about growing food getting you down? Urban Artichoke has you covered with tips for covert urban gardening.

The ever-inspiring Urban Artichoke at our sister site Ecolocalizer has been following our coverage of the Oak Park garden situation, and I’ve been loving her responses over there! I’m a very solution-oriented person, and it was inspiring to see her take a bad situation and turn it into a wealth of tips and tricks for planting a food garden that even an ornery neighborhood association wouldn’t complain about.

Here’s the two-part series:

She recommends edibles that are as beautiful as they are delicious. I highly recommend checking them out!

I’d also love to hear from you urban gardeners out there in our poll below!

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2 thoughts on “Avoiding Jail Time while Urban Gardening”

  1. I live in Townhouse Complex where I’m not allowed, unless I did only in containers. Which brings me to my comment. I see all these gardens and containers and what-not shown on your site, but they must be in areas that have a lot less wildlife than here. From what I hear, you pretty much HAVE to have fencing around gardens or deer, rabbits, whoever-all, will very likely end up destroying what you have! They’ve even been known to destroy whole entire flower gardens! (Lansing, MI area)

    1. That’s an interesting point, Dinah! So, you’re looking for container garden inspiration that’s also container, so wildlife can’t steal your fruits and veggies before you get to them?

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