How You Can Participate in the Non-GMO Movement!

According to the Non-GMO Project’s website, “…it is estimated that GMOs are now present in more than 80% of packaged products in the average U.S. or Canadian grocery store.” So what can you do to ensure that we have healthy, GMO-free food available for future generations?

Consumers Need More Choice When It Comes to GMO’s!

There have been numerous studies conducted showing that genetically engineered crops are not safe for us or for our environment and that they potentially threaten the future of our food chain. All of the European Union (EU), and many other countries around the world, have instituted either serious restrictions or bans on the use of GMOs. All EU countries require genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled.

The story in the Unites States is very different.

Why is it Important to Avoid GMO’s?

Last month we celebrated the first ever Non-GMO Month here at WholeSoy & Co. Even though Non-GMO Month is over, this is an important health and biodiversity issue that we will continue to work on throughout the year. In this series we will share with you what GMO’s are, some history about the Non-GMO movement and tips for how you can help support the Non-GMO cause.