The Death to Deathwatch?

As a former restaurateur, I have always been appalled, even disgusted, at those restaurant/food blogs that feel it is their need to consistently obsess over the demises of a local [ … ]

Salumi – The Art of Cured Meats

“The pig is an encyclopedic animal, a meal on legs.” “Dans le cochon, tout est bon (Everything in a pig is good).” Grimod de La ReyniΓ¨re (1758-1837) It’s not a [ … ]

Spiced Sugar Pumpkin Cake

Even those who cannot commit to an extravagant chocolate creation or a rich fruit dessert will find solace in the satisfying sweetness and texture of this simple and moist dessert. [ … ]

Do TV Executives Think We’re Stupid?

Since I received such a great and varied response from my post, Do Publishers Think We’re Stupid?, I am continuing the series with Do TV Executives Think We’re Stupid? Author, [ … ]