Fried Rice for New Years

Many years ago I had the honor and privilege to both attend and actually “sous chef” for several master classes with the late, great Barbara Tropp. For those who don’t [ … ]

Sprinkles with your Hypocrisy

The Portland Tribune reports that the city of Portland, Oregon plans to declare an “official city doughnut” this week. Mayor Tom Potter will introduce his official doughnut resolution, declaring Voodoo [ … ]

Obama’s “Kitchen Cabinet”

The San Francisco Chronicle today reports that President-elect Barack Obama received a letter from Alice Waters of Chez Panisse; volunteering her services – and those of Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl [ … ]

The Persimmon – More than Pudding

…[the persimmon’s] bitter power of astringency is surprising, and seems capable of suspending for a time all the faculties of the lips, and binds up the risible muscles of the [ … ]

Love Me Tender

What’s the best way to bring out the full flavor of meat? If you want to get those juices really flowing, you need to cook it long and slow, and [ … ]

Wave Energy Development and Marine Reserves

I am a commissioner on the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, an industry-funded agency and part of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission Program. Among our other responsibilities to the [ … ]

The Perfect Turkey

This may sound egotistical but I know a LOT more than you do about cooking a turkey. Allow me to explain… Back in 1999, when I was teaching at the [ … ]