A World of Cokes

            Coca-Cola has been a popular drug of choice for nearly 125 years. The famous beverage was born in 1886 in Georgia, the same as Tyrus [ … ]

The Author Who Stood the Heat

Bill Buford’s best-selling book, Heat, was a case of an author deciding to stand the heat and stay in the kitchen until he learned first-hand what Italian food culture, the [ … ]

Plowing Ahead

Debate continues on the most efficient, environmentally-safe way to plow fields in this age of economies of scale and conservationism.  Dane County land conservation director Kevin Connors says farmers like [ … ]

The global harvest

As Thanksgiving approaches, we tend to focus more on what we have to be grateful for.  We have a bountiful food supply, symbolized at this time of year by horns [ … ]

Get the word out on FAD

    I knew little about Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) when I walked into a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture (DATCP) talk on the subject Nov. 3 at the Microbial Sciences [ … ]

The Cereal “Box” for Fiber Folks

Nearly 20 years ago, my doctor told me that I had IBS.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I was getting my annual physical exam and lamented about consistently painful bowel movements and [ … ]

The Beans About Crisco

Soybean oil.  That’s it. That’s it? [social_buttons] Yes. After learning that Crisco got its name from crystallized cotton seed oil and waxing nostalgic about the big red-white-and-blue shortening can Mom [ … ]

CAFOs Affect Food Transport, Too

[social_buttons] To food safety advocates, CAFO is a four-letter word.  The acronym stands for Concentrated Animal Feed Operations.  They came into being as industrialized farming methods took hold largely as [ … ]

Ach, Henry!

Henry Albert Schroeder (1898-1967) must be rolling over in his grave at Kroghville Cemetery.  Either that, or he is about ready to come down from Heaven and give corporate farming [ … ]

Sustainability Starts (and Ends) Small

By Steven D. Schmitt A Letter to the Editor in the September 17, 2009 Wisconsin State Journal could not have been timed better. A Madison resident who had farmed for [ … ]