Measuring Monsanto

[social_buttons] From what I read and hear, I’m convinced that there are three groups which tend to over-estimate the global role of Monsanto. These include: Monsanto’s many detractors Monsanto’s admirers, [ … ]

Pesticides That Buy Time

[social_buttons] This is the third in a series of posts talking about crop-by-crop reasons that pesticides are used.  These are reasons that go beyond just protecting the yield of the [ … ]

Why Most Food Could Never Be “Local”

[social_buttons] Eating “Local Food” is an appealing ideal in theory, but it runs into several “reality issues.”  As much as people might want locally produced food, there are practical issues [ … ]

Two Questions for Vegans

[social_buttons] As I have been blogging on this site for a little while, I see some of the exchanges in the comment streams on other folk’s posts.  I was surprised [ … ]