Urban Agriculturalist: Vertical Farms

Urban Agriculturalist is a series on the ways city and suburb dwellers use their land as a food resource. With an ever shrinking topographical footprint and a population in perpetual [ … ]

Rhubarb on Accompaniment

In junior high school, I had a quirky music teacher (is there any other kind?) who would occasionally launch into monologues on a myriad of topics including, but not limited [ … ]

Wild Greens in the Great White North

While browsing the St. Lawrence Market last weekend, I was elated to spot the paisley-shaped heads of fiddlehead ferns. I won’t get into my love for the regional delicacy too [ … ]

Veggie Bahn Mi Recipe

When we had company unexpectedly this week, I had to think quickly of a dish to serve. Earlier that day, I made some of the raw beet salad that I [ … ]

A Second Chance at Ice Cream

One thing that I love about cooking the Passover Seder for my family is that I get two chances to make a memorable meal. While the menus always differ between [ … ]