Simply Roasted Snap Pea Recipe

This year I decided to grow sugar snap peas for the first time in my garden; now I think I’m addicted! At first, my favorite part about growing this fine veggie was watching the slender vines grow strong and tall, and taking photographs of the delicate tendrils wrapping around one another for support. But now that we have enough peas to make a proper dish, I’ve found my favorite recipe, one that is so simple and has a divine flavor!

Where There Are Lemons There Should Be Pies!

With Mother’s Day here it’s time we whip out the dessert menu to help celebrate. The dessert I’ve chosen to make for Mother’s Day is Lemon Meringue Pie. This basic recipe makes for a fun hour in the kitchen with mom and will have everyone pucker up after it’s been gobbled down!

Cheapest Ways To Pizazz Your Garden

Maintaining a garden can be an expensive hobby and it happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. I quickly realized that going to the local nursery can really burn a hole in my pocket, so I knew I would have to put on my creative cap and start searching out the cheapest ways pizazz my garden.
Here are 6 simple, inexpensive, and fun DIY projects to beautify your own garden space!

Eco-friendly Eggshell Seed Starters!

If you have some eggshells ready to go out to the compost, grab em’ and I’ll show and tell you how to make eggshell seed starters! The first of my “how-to” series, by Cait Scott

Building A Restaurant Garden: Harbor Cafe

Have you been to Harbor Cafe yet?

If you answered no, stop reading. Go to 535 7th Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca and order the fish tacos and 2 Bloody Marys (or, go on Fridays and get bottomless mimosas!), then come back and finish reading why it’s my favorite restaurant.

Well, I could spend an entire post writing about how much I love their food and the fun loving atmosphere, but instead I’m just going to tell you how excited I am that Whitney and I were asked to plant a vegetable garden for their restaurant!

Crystallizing Pansies

Pansies are an amazing flower; they can tolerate harsh weather and can survive for long periods of time. But what’s better than a pretty flower you may ask? Well, the answer is a pretty flower that you can eat! Learn how to crystallize pansies through easy step by step directions and beautiful photos.

Paint Your Thumb Green And Get Crafty With Your Garden!

After all the hard work that goes into keeping a beautiful landscape producing, it’s a heart break to cut back the good stuff and just toss it. So, this time I was determined to reuse all the healthy cuttings in some form and fashion.
Here are a few easy ways to recycle your plants after they’ve been pruned

Balcony Garden: Epic Places In Small Spaces

This year I tripped on passion and fell head over heals for gardening. I found my smile in the dirt, my head in the books, and the butterflies in my stomach from the giddiness of my future; becoming a gardener.