The Winter Harvest Handbook

What’s a locavore to do in the bleak winter? Besides raid the freezer for the last of the pesto and soups and frozen berries?

Turns out, there are a few ways to beat the barren winter and eat well.

Forgiveness for a Better Future?

This thought-provoking essay was posted on December 3, by Christopher Bedford of The Center for Economic Security, to a sustainable food email group. I found it compelling as one of [ … ]

Organic Marin

The September issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition will publish a widely distributed study that contradicts previous research pointing to health benefits of organic over conventional. The release [ … ]

Mid-Week Food Fun

Are you are a blues fan, dig eclectic jazz, or have your iPod memory maxed out? Like food? Ever notice how many songs have food metaphors in them? Ready to [ … ]

Vegan Soul Kitchen

Just to be transparent here, I am not a vegan. This doesn’t stop me from exploring Bryant Terry’s latest book, Vegan Soul Kitchen. I like the earthy blend of soul [ … ]