Going Wild for Salmon

Fish makes me happy. It always has. My love for fish has always been deep and pure β€” so much that mother once wondered aloud if I might be part [ … ]

Caffeine for Kids…Say What?

Um. Look I don’t want to be an alarmist or anything. But. Um. See, I’ve got kids? And, see…they’re kind of…energetic enough? I mean really, truly. Spend five seconds in [ … ]

Is Local the Goal?

I’ll say it: I like local food. I tend to choose it whenever I can find it, and whenever I can afford it. I’ll say something else, as well: I [ … ]

Notes from A New Cook: Simple is Best

I’m not a foodie. At least I’ve never been one before. I was always a soda-guzzler, a nugget-snarfer, a fan of Lean Cuisine frozen dinners. But then I started reading [ … ]