Are You Micronutrient Deficient? Take Our Quiz!


This quiz considers many aspects of your life, including nutrition, eating patterns, food shopping and preparation preferences, and supplementation habits in order to gauge the likelihood that you are sufficient in your life-enhancing essential vitamins and minerals. Answer the following 5 statements as honestly as you can.

Don’t worry, there is no passing or failing grade – just the knowledge you will obtain about yourself. The more you learn about yourself and your micronutrient level, the better equipped you will be to improve your micronutrient intake, your lifestyle, and to prevent or reverse disease.

1. When it comes to exotic fruits and vegetables:
A) I occasionally splurge, but generally just buy what the grocery store is selling at reasonable prices.
B) I adore tasting these tantalizing well-traveled treats and buy them often.
C) I prefer to purchase locally grown fruit at the Union Square Greenmarket.

2. Which best describes the cheese in your refrigerator?
A) Raw, un-pasteurized and artesian or I do not eat cheese.
B) Bright orange from a spray can or processed cheese block.
C) Standard, pasteurized cheese. When I have guests I may splurge on gourmet cheeses as well.

3. When I think about my eating pattern, you might say that:
A) I crave therefore I eat.
B) I am usually watching what I eat and eat less than I might like.
C) I eat randomly. I know what I like, and how much I can eat.

4. My carnivorous appetite sends me:
A) Most often to the grocer/butcher to buy conventionally raised beef, pork or chicken.
B) I am not a carnivore. I don’t eat meat.
C) To try and find only grass-fed meats, and pastured chickens whenever possible.

5. When choosing how to take a multivitamin:
A) I don’t take anything. I don’t feel it is necessary.
B) I take a once-a-day multivitamin pill or liquid.
C) I take a single- serving, powdered multivitamin delivered in liquid form that provides beneficial quantities of essential micronutrients and is formulated to include both Anti-Competition Technology and synergy.

time to tabulate!

Question 1:
A: 2 pts. Purchasing more local varieties will reduce the amount of depletion due to the travel time of the fruits and vegetables you choose to buy.
B: 1 pt. While these may be tantalizing treats, the vast distance they have traveled can substantially reduce the amount of micronutrients in them.
C: 3 pts. Great Job! Choosing to purchase locally grown produce ensures that you will bring home the largest supply of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients).

Question 2:
A: 3 pts. Raw dairy is filled with healthy micronutrients and is a great choice.
B: 1 pt. These highly processed foods deliver little to no micronutrient value and are filled with chemical substances and ingredients. This is a POOR food choice.
C: 2 pts. Next time you are at the market try to locate a raw cheese. This will eliminate the micronutrient loss due to pasteurization.

Question 3:
A: 1 pts. Food cravings are often your body’s cry for micronutrients.
B: 1 pt. Limiting food intake also limits your micronutrient intake increasing your chances of being deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.
C: 1 pt. Studies show that random eating is likely to leave an individual deficient in essential micronutrients.

Question 4:
A: 2 pts. You may want to consider purchasing grass-fed beef and pastured chickens. The increase in micronutrient value will astound you. Plus—they taste incredible!
B: 1 pt. Congratulations. You have made an important decision for yourself. However, it is important for vegans and vegetarians to realize that studies show that following these diet profiles can often leave them deficient in certain micronutrients. You may want to consider a properly formulated multivitamin.
C: 3 pts. Good going! You know the added micronutrient benefits of traditionally raised grass-fed cattle and pastured chickens. Keep up the good work.

Question 5:
A: 1 pt. I would re-think that decision. Taking a supplement helps to increase the likelihood of reaching sufficiency of the essential micronutrients.
B: 2 pts. These forms of multivitamins all have limitations.
C: 3 pts. You have made the wisest choice concerning your supplementation. You realize how important micronutrient sufficiency is to your health. BRAVO!

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