Are VeeV Organic All-Natural Açaí Cocktails For Real?

I have to admit I was skeptical.  After Skinny Girl Cocktails’ “all-natural” ingredient was found to contain cancer-causing preservatives and their full-blown attempt to greenwash consumers, I assumed the worst when I heard about Vita Frute VeeV Organic All-Natural Cocktails. VeeV, which touts itself as the “World’s First Açaí Spirit,” is hitting the market with three pre-mixed cocktails: the Açaí Cosmo, Superfruit Margarita and Skinny Açaí Lemonade, and I was fully expecting another case of false advertising. But, I think I was wrong.

VeeV seems to be the real deal.

The cocktails have no added sugars or artificial flavors and are made from sustainably harvested açaí that is wild-harvested and fair trade. And as a real sustainable company, they adhere to the triple bottom line and have a solid green mission.

Their website notes that they strive to “develop products using sustainable technology” which includes using wind-powered energy in their distillery. That, along with a four column fractional distillation process, allows the distillery to use 200 percent less energy than a traditional pot still. They are a registered B-Corporation and participate in 1% for the Planet, two of the most reputable third-party eco-labels.

Possibly most important – at least from a marketing perspective – is that the company goes for transparency with a health disclaimer right up front:

Have fun. Drink responsibly. Live consciously. Information is not intended to imply that VeeV or any other alcoholic beverage provides any health benefits.

And then there is their website filled with good tidbits about is their green mission. I especially love the acknowledgement of the potential to leverage their good deeds:

…every account is an opportunity to share our passion and pass on green tips to the restaurant or bar…

They make their bottles from partially recycled glass with labels printed with organic soy ink, and they use cases and boxes made from post-consumer waste. VeeV has invested $100,000 into the Brazilian Rainforest through The Sustainable Açaí Project, planted 40,000 trees in Brazil, home of the açaí berry, through the TREEtini program in bars and restaurants nationwide (1 cocktail = 1 tree planted) and “upcycled” 2.2 million açaí seeds into sustainability bracelets to raise awareness about rainforest preservation.

They even go so far as to provide recommended reading for wannabe ecopreneurs:

If you discovered VeeV because you’re thinking about starting your own sustainable company, we’d like to suggest the books Screw Business as Usual by Sir Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group, and Start Something That Matters by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie.

Apparently, both were nice enough to mention VeeV’s story and their efforts to innovate in the old-school spirits industry.

And while some of their claims border on silly, like they fact that they claim that they are world’s first carbon neutral spirit or that 40% of VeeV employees drive hybrid cars or use public transportation (is that 2 out of the five or 3 out of 8 of them?), the entire operation seems to be genuinely doing the right thing. Bravo.

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  1. I love Veev! Reforesting the Amazon is an audacious goal, and will require the help of businesses, governments, NGO’s…but the fact that this is being done by a company that is not Patagonia is a great sign. I’ll take a double! :)

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