Arctic Zero Product Review

Looking for a super low calorie dessert? Arctic Zero products may suit your fancy; only 150 calories per pint!

A coworker discovered this product over the weekend. It seemed too good to be true. A creamy ice cream like dessert that only has 150 calories per pint? Yeah right! We set out to our nearest Plum Market to purchase some samples of Arctic Zero frozen treats. We picked up Vanilla Maple, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, and Coffee flavors.

The Vanilla Maple, Strawberry and Coffee had the most ice cream like texture. They were creamy and smooth and melted in my mouth just like ice cream should. The coffee had the best flavor profile and closest likeness to ice cream. The Cookies and Cream was a solid dark gray color and did not look extremely appetizing. The flavor left much to be desired as well. I hardly tasted cookies or cream. The Chocolate Peanut Butter had a strong “fake chocolate” taste and I didn’t go back for more.

The main ingredients in all of these products are purified water, whey protein concentrate, organic cane sugar, monk fruit, natural flavors and stabilizers. It makes sense why there aren’t many calories, because there aren’t many ingredients with richness.

I personally would rather have 2 tablespoons of really rich, real ice cream than 2 pints of low flavor, not-so-rich frozen treat. So overall, I’m not sure if I recommend this product for taste purposes. I think too much enjoyment is lost with the calories. But, if you are looking for a sweet treat that you can eat a large volume of, this may be your dessert. I prefer the Vanilla, Strawberry and Coffee flavors.

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  1. Regardless of it not being ice cream, it’s addicting. The first time I tried it I thought it was simply okay but the more I eat it…the more I love it. It’s basically a protein shake that doesn’t taste too much like a protein shake if that makes sense. Not to mention having 1,000 fewer calories per pint, I think it’s amazing for what it is. Anyway, I like that there aren’t any artificial or garbage ingredients in it, clean label.

  2. I just tried the Mint Chocolate flavor and the cookies and cream flavor. The Mint chocolate really tastes amazing for the fact that the whole thing is 150 calories. The cookies and cream tasted okay but the consistency was not like ice cream. The only negative with the product is that it has cholesterol, but other than that I would definitely recommend this treat to a dieter in need of something sweet.

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