Aquaponics for Everyone with the Aqualibrium Garden

Aquaponics: Aqualibrium Garden

Have you been wanting to try aquaponics – growing food with the help of fish – but were afraid to try? Aqualibrium to the rescue!

Aquaponics is a very cool gardening concept. Some people who garden aquaponically eat the fish that they grow, but you don’t have to do that, if you don’t want to. Whether you eat the fish in your aquaponic garden or not, their waste becomes nourishment for the food you’re growing, and the fish keep the container clean to boot. The whole system is self-cleaning and self-watering.

The trouble with many aquaponic gardening systems is that they can be a little bit tricky to set up, and there’s kind of an art to maintaining them. Our sponsors at Aqualibrium Garden want to remove that barrier to entry with their out-of-the-box aquaponics system. According to the creators:

As our food supply becomes even more threatened by toxic chemicals and GMOs, it becomes critically important for people to take charge of their own food security.ย  With the Aqualibrium Garden (and the included grow lights), you can now have the freedom to grow anything you want, any time of yearโ€ฆ knowing that your food is fresh, natural and organic.

You can use the Aqualibrium Garden for aquaponics or for hydroponic gardening. Hydroponic gardening involves growing plants without soil in nutrient-rich water. The aquaponics system uses fish to feed the plants that you’re growing.

It’s also just a freaking beautiful system. I love that you can grow your own food, and it becomes a conversation piece that enhances the look of your living space.

Aquaponics: How to Help Launch the Aqualibrium Garden

The product is only a prototype now, and the creators are looking to raise funds to fully launch. If you want to support this project, head over to their Kickstarter page to make a donation. They have all kinds of Aqualibrium swag, and folks who kick in $300 will receive one of their hydroponic gardening systems when the company officially launches!

Want to learn more about Aqualibrium? Check out their Kickstarter video:

They mention this on the Kickstarter page, but I think it bears mentioning here too: the system depicted in the video is a prototype. The one that they will be selling is going to be clear, not opaque. For some folks, that may not matter, but if you’re design-oriented like I am, it makes a big difference!

If you’ve got kids or pets and are worried that they’ll mess with the fish in your aquaponics system, don’t fret! The system comes with doors that will put a safe barricade between your unsuspecting fish and the hands of your toddler (or your cat’s paws!).

This article was sponsored by Aqualibrium Garden, and all opinions are 100% mine. Seriously, doesn’t it look awesome??

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