The Real Reason Our Kids Should Cool it on the Apple Juice

Apple Juice Arsenic Different Form than OTHER Arsenic

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There’s been quite a stink lately about apple juice, but it feels like what we’re missing here is the real story about apple juice, and it has nothing to do with arsenic.

Dr. Oz is saying that apple juice is tainted with arsenic, while the FDA is saying that the form of arsenic in apple juice isn’t poison. OK, so organic arsenic (the sort found in apple juice), is probably safe for your kiddos. Let’s set those safety questions aside for a minute and talk about what else is in apple juice. Here are the apple juice nutrition facts from the Mott’s website:

Apple Juice Nutrition Facts

No vitamins. No fiber. A bit of potassium, and a whole lot of carbohydrates. While the Mott’s label here says 0g of sugars, other nutrition resources say otherwise. According to Self Nutrition Data, an 8oz serving of apple juice contains 114 calories and 24g of sugar. That’s only 3g less than in the same amount of Coca Cola! Here’s nutritional information for an 8oz. Coca-Cola, from the Coke website:

coke nutrition

It’s a little bit hard to read, but it says there that 8oz of Coke contains 27g of sugar. Apple juice is basically un-carbonated soda with a little bit of potassium thrown in. Kids are better off getting potassium from a banana or at least eating apple sauce, which still has some of the fiber from the fruit in it.

I’m not saying that we should completely deny our kids apple juice, if they love it. But maybe it should be more of a sometimes drink. With childhood obesity on the rise, I think it’s more important than ever that we’re careful about our kids developing a sweet tooth and that we encourage them to hydrate with plain old water.

What do you guys think about apple juice? Do you give it to your kids? If so, how often?

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