Another Useful Garden Planning Tool

January is garden planning time for many of us. Ordering seeds on the early-side ensures that none of your favorite varieties get sold-out, and also allows you to start growing seedlings indoors as early as you want.

A few weeks ago we talked about the challenges associated with determining how many seeds of each variety to order.

In addition to using this handy planting chart to decide what size seed packets to order, you might also want to check out the free Seed Calculator available at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Simply choose your crop, your planting method (direct sowing or transplanting), and the number of feet you intend to plant. The seed calculator will then synthesize information on sowing and germination rates to calculate how many seeds you’ll need.

Do you have a favorite internet resource for garden planning? Share your tips as comments!

Image courtesy of sparkieblue via a Creative Commons license.

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