Annie’s Recalls Rising Crust Frozen Pizzas

Annie's Rising Crust Frozen Pizza

Annie’s Homegrown, Inc., a brand many of us know for their tasty organic and natural convenience foods, has issued a recall for their rising crust frozen pizzas.

The recall was issued Wednesday, January 23, after small metal fragments were discovered in flour and pizza dough at a third-party establishment. The flour with metal fragments was traced back to another third-party flour mill. A defective metal mesh screen at the flour mill was the source of the fragments. Some of these fragments are too small to be detected by standard industry metal detectors.

The rising crust frozen pizzas subject to recall have best buy dates 09Jan13 through 14Sep13. The pizzas under recall by the FDA are: 23.6 ounce Organic Pepperoni Pizza, 25.4 ounce Organic Supreme Pizza, 22.6 ounce Pepperoni Pizza, 23.1 ounce BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza, 23.5 ounce Organic Four Cheese Pizza, 22.5 ounce Four Cheese Pizza, and 25 ounce Organic Spinach and Mushroom Pizza.

The pizzas were shipped all across the United States.ย  Consumers are urged to throw away the pizzas or return them to the retailer for a full refund.

Because the problem originated at a flour mill, the recall might be expanded, so keep an eye out for further information. However, since we don’t know which machine caused the problem, don’t throw out everything in your pantry yet. It might have been a machine dedicated to Annie’s frozen pizzas.

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