Are Animal Welfare Advocates Terrorists? Or is it the Livestock Industry?

factory farm

factory farm

In a recent article published in Beef Magazine, readers were warned that while ISIS may be a threat to our freedom all the way over in the Middle East, we have other, much more serious dangers closer to home… namely, animal welfare advocates.

Specifically, Troy Marshall singles out the Humane Society, of all groups:

“The terrorists are dangerous no doubt, but they tend toward a naiveté that almost ensures their ultimate defeat. HSUS, on the other hand, is extremely sophisticated in its attacks. HSUS attacks on many fronts. It uses legislation and public policy where possible; the judicial system to sue people into submission; has a huge public relations machine to blackmail businesses to fall in line; and effectively wields the ballot initiative to circumvent the legislative and judicial branches when those avenues fail them.”

That’s right, a respected animal welfare organization with millions of members is a bigger threat to our country than actual terrorists…with guns. While the magazine finally removed the ISIS comparison from the article, you can view the original article here.

But Marshall isn’t the only one who has likened animal welfare advocates to terrorists. Just have a look at the ‘Ag-Gag’ laws that criminalize undercover investigations that have exposed not only animal cruelty, but safety risks to the nation’s food supply. States heavy in livestock production including Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Utah, Montana and North Dakota have succeeded in passing these laws making it illegal for animal rights and animal welfare organizations to bring animal abusers to justice via undercover efforts.

The irony, of course, is that livestock production by its very nature is a form of terrorism—enslaving animals in cramped unnatural conditions, tearing newborns away from their mothers, routine beatings and botched slaughters causing unnecessary pain and stress…is the animal industry just projecting its abusive ways onto animal welfare advocates when calling them terrorists? What would you call it?

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2 thoughts on “Are Animal Welfare Advocates Terrorists? Or is it the Livestock Industry?”

  1. Don’t know about the USA, but in Australia, all of the following surgical procedures and mutilations are done under the guise of normal animal husbandry, and they’re all done without anaesthetic or pain relief: ear-notching (cutting pieces out of ear flaps – done on pigs, cattle and sheep), teeth cutting (grinding down or snapping off teeth), tail docking (cutting off 30 to 90% of the tail on pigs, sheep, dairy cows), castrating, flank spaying, de-budding (digging out or burning out with a hot iron, the emerging horns on young cattle), de-horning, hot iron branding, mulesing (cutting strips of flesh off the rear end of sheep to prevent infestation by maggots in the folds of skin). All of these practices vary in degrees of pain, but none of them have no effect on the animals – many die from some of the practices – new born piglets often die from shock, blood loss or infection after having their tails docked, ears notched, teeth cut and being castrated in one go. Chickens often end up with deformities that prevent them from eating or make it extremely painful to eat, from having their sensitive beaks seared off with a hot blade and turkeys are often unable to walk without pain after having their toes mutilated in an effort to remove their claws.

    Sounds like terror to me. Prosecute the cruelty, not the exposure of it.

  2. The national animal rights groups like
    the HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA have become urban concentrated vegan
    cults. They have little or no experience with the animals they claim
    to protect and either misconstrue legitimate animal husbandry or
    take isolated instances of animal cruelty and say they are the norm.
    They get away with this because of the urban population of the US is
    separated from its food production and large animals. The country has
    become a society of small pet owners who view livestock the same as
    small lap dogs. If these groups have their way, primates will be
    viewed as human and meat eating will be outlawed. Their attack on
    food production is already causing an increase in cost. So unless
    you want to end up paying $10.00 for eggs, $20.00 a lb. for bacon
    and $50.00 a lb. for beef, don’t support these groups.

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